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Men's Ministry

Sons of Light: This is a group of men who are becoming mighty men of God, spiritual warriors, and champions for Christ in the 21st century. Can you hear the Lord calling you like He did to Gideon? "And the angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said to him, 'The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!'" (Judges 6:12)

We are relentless in our pursuit to know God and follow His ways at all times. We are fearless in our faith. None of us have finished the race, so we are still learning, growing, and becoming all God wants us to be. We are all learning to be steady, consistent, diligent, strong men of the Word and the Holy Spirit so that we will have an effect in these last days.

If you have an addiction, God wants you to walk in freedom. Jesus said, "If you abide in my word, you will be my disciples, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free" (John 8:31-32). We will walk with you, encourage you, and speak truth into your life. We will not play games. Games are for children, not for God's valiant men.

You have a purpose, calling, and anointing, and we believe you can fulfill it.

We meet Saturdays at 7 AM for prayer.

*We use the Conquer Series.

Check out this video about the human brain by Geoff Schultz:

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