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Alpha and Omega: Names of God

God is...Abba (Father). Banner of Salvation (Isaiah 11:10). Christ. David's Lord. Elohim. First and Last (Alpha and Omega). God of Heaven and Earth. Hosanna. I AM. Jehovah. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Love. Mighty One. Nazarene (Mark 16:6). One True God. Prince of Peace. Quick to Forgive (Proverbs 19:11). Risen Lord. Spirit of Adoption. Truth. Ultimate. Vast. Wonderful Counselor. Xenogeneic. Yahweh. Zealous.

When creating an alphabetical list of God's names, I dreaded approaching the letter x. Sometimes I wonder why that letter exists, since it is so rarely used and quite redundant with z (at the beginning of words) and cs or ks or cks to take its place in most instances (though x does look cooler).

The list of adjectives starting with x is very short, and I didn't want to use a word like extreme because that seems dishonest.

However, the word xenogeneic -- which is so rarely used that my computer underlines it with a red line -- actually describes God quite well. The definition is "originating outside of the organism, or from a foreign substance that has been introduced into the organism" or "the supposed production of offspring completely unlike either parent." For instance, xenogeneic transplantation is the scientific term for organ donation or blood transfusion. When God enters the life of a person, he or she becomes a new creation; just as a blood transfusion saves a person's life, Christ's blood saves us and gives us new life.


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