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REPENT [ri-pent] verb. To turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life; to feel regret or contrition; to change one's mind.

When we repent, we turn and run away from something -- namely sin.

Running from something causes it to recede into the distance until it finally fades away, and what we are running toward becomes closer and clearer -- namely God.

The Christian life consists of this striving.

  • L. Wolfe

Despite all of the confusion, unrest, and uncertainty in the world these days, God is still in control.

Not only is He in control of world events, He is also in control of our individual destinies.

Everyone has a unique spiritual calling. With the lockdowns rendering many of us under a house arrest of sorts, perhaps you've been wondering what you could possibly do to serve God in this situation. Recall that Paul wrote most of the New Testament while imprisoned...Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables while imprisoned...and Galileo made groundbreaking discoveries while imprisoned. Maybe imprisonment isn't such a terrible fate after all. In any case, restricted movement doesn't restrict the working of the Holy Spirit.

The extra time granted to us by the lockdown is an opportunity to seek God's will for our lives. What better way could this time be spent? Perhaps the greatest blessing I have received since becoming a Christian is God's confirmation and assurance of my calling.

Yet before He revealed this to me, I required some spiritual heart work.

God's ways are not the ways of the world. Though selfish ambition and competitiveness are encouraged in our culture, they have no place in God's Kingdom. Pride clouds our judgement. The heart of a Christian must be humble if God is to work through that person.

After God cleansed my heart, I received a strong impression of my calling. To be sure, I prayed for confirmation and a deep sense of assurance. God often speaks through nature, such as when He spoke to Moses through the burning bush. Though I try not to rely too much on outward signs, just after praying for confirmation of my calling I heard the calling of a mourning dove.

Signs and confirmations from God are personalized, so mine may well be different from someone else's. Yet I encourage everyone to seek God's will in regard to spiritual calling, a prayer He is happy to answer. After being saved, I suspect some Christians never go that far....They have not because they ask not.

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